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Welcome to the Bluprints Priority Support Dashboard - our support initiative dedicated for our enterprise and corporate customers.

Bluprints Support Initiatives.

With the continuing growth in demand and active users of Bluprints Business Mobility Products and Solutions, we have been working overtime to ensure that the growth in our numbers and  the presence of our in diverse locations across, does not come at the cost of providing only the best in after sales service and support for our products.

Learning from our existing customers, their problems and aspirations, and keeping step with available technology trends, we instituted a two-pronged approach towards addressing support issues at two different levels.


ALWAYS ALIVE - Bluprints Live Support Initiative.

Bluprints range of Business Mobility Solutions serve as a mandatory company in the business processes of our customers which range from small corner shop owners to businesses spread across the country. To keep your business processes running without any disruption, we understand the value of keeping our devices running in top-form, with minimal inconvenience and downtime. P

Our Bluprints Live Network involves the launch of Regional Support Centres across 88 locations across the country, to ensure that help is available just round the corner, should you ever land up with an operational or maintenance related glitch. owered with a customised trouble-ticket management framework, the Bluprints Live Support Initiative aspires to resolve any and all support issues in a fully accountable and time-bound manner.

Bluprints Priority Dashboard

While keeping each device running is the key to our success and growth, Bluprints Priority Network is testimony to our continuing commitment towards supporting our corporate and enterprise customers who have been largely instrumental to our growth. They are the pioneers who have been instrumental in the success of the Digital India initiative, by laying down the path towards a Connected India, using our product to conduct business across the internet, across their various points of presence

The Bluprints Priority Network is an initiative that is designed to allow our Corporate customers to monitor the health of their Blueprint devices across the country from a central location.

Where Bluprints Live offers operational end-user support for our customers, the Priority network provides a view into the operational status all their products regardless of the location of individual devices. 

In addition to this, the Priority Initiative would also focus on providing strategic support to help our Corporate customers strategise the road ahead, and allow us to use our innovation and technology to create better solutions more suited to the road ahead. Bluprints Priority Network shall also allow priority group members to avail discounts and promotional offers, provide early-bird notification to our upcoming products and initiatives and also test-drive our forthcoming launches - For Better Synergy and More Synchronised Growth. 

Giving Back

While we at Bluprints understand the journey from an anonymous startup to a pan-indie brand, through our corporate customers and associates, we understand the need to grow for smaller businesses operating on shoe-string budgets. The Priority program shall also pave the way for individual users, small-business entrepreneurs associate with other similar customers, drawing a synergy and creating their own priority-circle. Networks and Synergy - that is the end-goal of online operations. 

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To know more about our Priority Program and details on how to enrol in our priority program, contact our sales teams or your associated key account managers. You are, and Will Always be our Priority.

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